Redforge Games

Company Background

Redforge Games is an international publisher, developer and marketer of entertainment applications for the mobile and online platforms. Founded in early 2010, Redforge Games strives to enable organizations to more effectively reach across to their users through interactive digital media solutions. We see the smart phone becoming the primary communication channel for the 21st century. Redforge Games extensive knowledge in this field helps organizations more successfully engage their users.

Company Vision

To be the best in the world at empowering companies to reach out to their customers with clever and effective  use of mobile and games technology in their marketing mix.


  • To have a strong capable development team to ensure we are the best at delivering our solutions.
  • To always look at and implement new and better ways that help our clients reach their target.
  • To always be learning and creative about the way we build our products to ensure we come up with and make use of innovative approaches and solutions.


We want to be able to help companies to build their brand and market themselves more effectively by leveraging on mobile applications and games technology, giving the customers more interesting ways to interact and associate themselves with the companies.


  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Innovation at every step
  • Embrace learning and growth