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Miko is happy to share his goodies with you!

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Miko is a virtual soft toy that you can have lots of fun with. You can poke, tickle, stretch it, and Miko will respond. Miko even has emotions! Play with Miko and find out what else it does!

Poke Miko and it will get angry.

Tickle Miko and it will laugh.

Forget Miko and it will try to get your attention.

Stretch Miko to it how cute he gets.

Annoy Miko and it will get upset.

Play with Miko and it will be happy.

Miko is plenty of fun for all ages! It’s a great entertainment application to have in your library! Kids will enjoy playing with him to see how he will react. (Parents, you can finally have peace and quiet!) Miko is a fun application that you can share with your family and friends, and is sure to cheer you up no matter how you’re feeling!

Girls, imagine having a soft toy that you can play with anytime. Personalize with your favourite wallpaper and you can share Miko with your friends!

Guys, Miko could be your chance to talk to that pretty girl, or charm your female friends! Girls like cute stuff! You won’t admit it but you do too and you’ll probably find yourself playing with Miko just as much!


  • Highly interactive
  • Cute voice
  • Responds to various actions with emotions:
    • It can be tickled, squeezed, stretched, poked.
    • It hops, jumps, sits, walks.
    • It laughs, gets angry.
  • Minds it’s own business while idle
  • Leave Miko alone and it will want your attention
  • Happiness bar to let you know how happy or upset Miko is
  • Personalize with your favourite wallpaper
  • Share with friends on Facebook
  • Have fun with Miko, and you don’t have to feed it!

Our Users Say

“Finally some peace but I can’t get my iPhone back, I might have to get my kids one as well.”

“Miko never fails to make me laugh, cheers me up even if I’m having a bad day. I always leave Miko on while I am charging the phone.”

“My girlfriend and her colleagues love it! All of them wanted Miko as a real soft toy.”

“Great graphics, nice animation. Definitely something I want to keep on my phone and show it off to my friends.”

Miko Is Gonna Be Even More Awesome!

Additional features in the next version:

  • Animated premium wallpapers
  • More ways to interact with Miko
  • More expressions
  • More sounds
  • Unlock achievements to share with your friends!

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